Machine body is ST-52 steel construction.
3 Rolls are driven by hydraulic motor + planetary gearbox.
Variable speed of rotation
Shafts are made of special steel hardened and grounded
Manual Lubrication
Side guide rolls are hydraulic adjustable
Bottom rolls hydraulic moveable up and down.
Digital display for bottom rolls.
Separate and moveable control panel
Horizontal working
400 Volt / 50 Hz

Optional Accesories

Special rolls for tubes, profiles and angle materials
Special tooling system for bending H,I,U profiles
Minimum speed mechanism for bottom roll’s up and down movement
Extended shafts
Digital readout for guide rolls
NC Playback Control System
CNC Graphic Control System
Joystick Control
Motors in variable voltage and frequency

A: Standard Rolls | B: Special Rolls | C: Pulling Device | D: Special rolls for serial productions | E: Angle Device | F: Stretching Device