• Hardened and polished rolls
  • Complete body made of ST-52 Steel
  • Machine have 4 rolls and designed for symmetrical working principle
  • Hydraulic powered cover for easy material extracting
  • Digital readout for side rolls (2 digital readout)
  • Side rolls are free for rotation and upwards downwards movements are hydraulic powered
  • Top and bottom rolls are driven by hydraulic and gearbox. Bottom roll’s vertical movements are hydraulic powered
  • Separate control panel form machine
  • Conic bending device
  • Conic bending positioning from control panel
  • In accordance for CE norms

Optional Accesories

  • Material feeding table
  • Center support
  • Hydraulic side rolls
  • Automatic material extractor
  • PLC control
  • CNC control
  • Automatic material loading system
  • Changeable top roll
  • Adjustable bottom roll support system (for customer’s special requests)


Data based upon steel 240 N/mm2 yield point.
Cone and stainless steel bending capacity is calculated as the normal capacity x 0.5.
Hardened shafts for conical bending is recommended.

*Regarding of customer requests, machine can be produced by rectilinear or planetary system.