• BMBP Bombe Presi
  • The machine frame built of high strength materials by electro welding and stress relieved prior to the machining in order to meet tight manufacturing tolerances for sensitive pressing positions
  • The dies are made of special chemical for long time corrosion resistance
  • Safety barriers are at the top of the press body and stair for maintenance
  • All cylinder bodies and pistons are hardened and tempered, chrome plated and grounded
  • Low number of greasing points by using self-lubricated components and gives long lifetime
  • Easy to operate main cylinder, manipulator positions, to stop/start at any position, and diagnostic/alarms of all the functions
  • Our dies are bigger than standard dies so labour is 50% less than as standard processBmbp-detay3-Bombe-Sekillendirme

Each model of machine is available in different dimensions according to upon request.
Data based upon steel 240 N/mm2 yield point. / All specifications are subject to change without notice.